Power Inverter

XPower Inverters - International

150, 300 & 500 Watts - 230 Vac / 50 Hz

Ideal for powering recreational, mobile office equipment and other electronic appliances, XPower Inverters convert 12 volts of DC battery power in your vehicle to 230 volts of AC power. Available in a range of sizes, the inverters can power a variety of electronic products including TVs, VCRs, fax machines, laptop computers, camcorders, stereos, small power tools and work lights.

Portable AC power from the battery in your vehicle

Choosing the right size of inverter for a particular application is important. For example, the XPower 150 Inverter can run a laptop for approximately 9 hours from a 75-amp hour battery; the XPower 300 can run a 49 cm TV for approximately 6 hours from a 75-amp hour battery. The exact run time depends on the amount of power being drawn by the application and the size and condition of the battery. The XPower Inverter 500 can be used instead of a generator for low power or intermitent loads.

Models Part number Input voltage AC output
XPower 150 851-0161R 12V UK
XPower 150 851-0162R 12V SCHUKO
XPower 300 851-0312R 12V SCHUKO
XPower 500 851-0512R 12V SCHUKO
Product Features
  • Available in 150, 300 or 500 watt models
  • Offer 300, 600 or 1000 watt surge capacity
  • Available in three AC outlet configurations: Schuko, UK and AUS/NZ
  • Regulated output protects sensitive equipment
  • Compact size for convenient use and storage
  • Auto shutdown prevents total battery discharge
  • Silent operation
  • Mounting brackets for convenient installation (XPower Inverter 300 and 500)
Protection Features
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Overload shutdown
  • Low voltage shutdown (at 10.0 VDC)
  • Over voltage shutdown (at 15.0 VDC)
  • Low voltage alarm (at 10.7 VDC)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Battery reverse polarity (fuse protected)
  • LED indicator confirms fault connection
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