AC Power Products

Xantrex™ Technology has been manufacturing quality advanced power electronic products for the commercial, recreational vehicle, marine, automotive, military and consumer markets for more than 25 years. Businesses and individuals in these industries count on Xantrex products to operate electronics and appliances, charge batteries, monitor battery and system performance and much more.

Acquisitions of Heart™ Interface, Statpower™ Technologies and Trace™ Engineering allowed Xantrex to rapidly expand its product portfolio. Today, Xantrex has one of the widest assortments of inverters, inverter/chargers, battery chargers, backup power and accessories for a variety of entry-level to high-end applications. Xantrex also manufactures a comprehensive range of 230 V products for the global markets.

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  • xantrex power inverter

    Power Inverters

    Xantrex inverters convert DC power stored in batteries into clean, quiet, household AC power to operate electronics and appliances.
  • xantrex inverter charger


    A complete power system comprising of an inverter, battery charger and a transfer switch in one package.
  • xantrex truecharge battery charger

    Battery Chargers

    Our compact and light weight battery chargers are micro-processor controlled for fast and accurate charging of vehicle and boat batteries.
  • xantrex power accessories


    We manufacture a wide range of accessories to complement our product lines.
  • xantrex portable backup power

    Backup Power

    Xantrex backup power products provide household AC power to operate electronic equipment when electric utility power is not available.