Freedom SW

Conext Combox Communication Box

Specifically designed to operate with the NEW generation Freedom SW Inverter/Chargers  

Conext ComBox FSW Android tablet app (tablet not included)

The Conext ComBox Freedom SW (809-0918) provides an overall view of system performance for mobile power monitoring systems such as RV, Marine vessels, construction and other heavy duty applications. The ComBox Freedom SW lets you configure the system and devices, monitor performance, and access data logs through a web based application on a laptop or Android tablet app. An easy to read icon based display screen (tablet not included) shows graphical representation of energy flow between utility power, generator power, Freedom SW Inverter/ Charger, RV house battery system and AC loads.

The ComBox FSW module connects to your Freedom SW via Xanbus cables and optionally to an external wireless router providing wireless access to the ComBox FSW app on your Android tablet or laptop near your RV.

User level access
  • Control Inverter - enable/ disable
  • Control Generator - off/ on/ auto
  • Real-time clock - when set, keeps time for the entire system
  • Shore breaker size (selectable range 5-50A)
  • Provides a more comprehensive and user friendly interface as an alternative to the SCP system control panel
  • Data logging
    • Battery charge (Watt-hours)
    • Load consumption (Wh)
    • Utility grid input (Wh)
    • Generator input (Wh)
Admin level access
  • Setup - advanced access for installers and technician support
Hardware features
  • Powered by Xanbus network (Freedom SW Inverter/ Charger, or supplied AC/ DC adapter)
  • Accepts USB thumb drive & micro SD card that provides additional data storage
  • Compact, light weight, easy to install
  • Non-volatile memory - preserves the latest Conext ComBox settings if power is interrupted or network communication is disrupted
  • Firmware storage and upgrade capability - upgrade firmware for Xanbus-enabled devices on the network
ComBox FSW is compatible with Freedom SW Inverter/ Charger, SCP (system control panel) & AGS (automatic generator start)