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Xantrex Technology has recently launched a new educational series entitled “Tech Doctor” for marine, commercial and recreational vehicle applications. Designed for dual usage, the series is produced for editorial reproduction and industry education. Written by Xantrex Sales Engineer Don Wilson, who conducts technical training seminars throughout the country, the series covers topics of general interest in an easy-to-understand, Q & A format. Xantrex also encourage its partners to use articles in this series as a tool to educate their customers.

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Convert your converter...To a smart Inverter/ Charger! 03/23/2017 166 KB
Let the Power Manager "MANAGE" your Electrical System! 08/11/2016 108 KB
I just brought home this what do I feed it? 06/20/2016 130 KB
Why is Regualtory Compliance Such a Big Deal? 06/20/2016 91 KB
Inverter Installation:Troubleshooting 101! 06/20/2016  221 KB 
The Mystique of Automatic Generator Start (AGS)! 10/16/2012  221 KB 
Don't Judge An Inverter By Its Package! 03/12/2012  193 KB 
The Power Installation Dilemma  03/12/2012  193 KB 
The Inside Scoop on Battery Chargers 04/05/2011 186 KB
Three Top Tips to Maximize Your Electrical System 07/29/2010 114 KB
Shocking News About Inverter/Charger Installations 05/27/2010 96 KB
How to Select the Right Inverter for Vehicle or Boat? 05/27/2010 87 KB
Sine Wave vs. Modified Sine Wave 05/26/2010 100 KB
Are Your Maximizing Your Power Sources? 6/22/2010 436 KB
Inverters vs. Generators: The Ultimate Grudge Match! 5/28/2011 132 KB

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Tech Doctor Live!

Tech Doctor is also available in video format on our You Tube channel.