Power Inverters

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  • What size of inverter do I need?

  • How long can I operate my inverter?

  • Can I use my computer with an inverter?

  • Is it possible to run an air conditioner on an inverter?

  • Should I leave my inverter ON or OFF when shorepower is available?

  • What is automatic AC transfer switching?

  • Using a polarity tester with an inverter

  • Can I install the inverter without a fuse?

  • Remote on/off switch for Prowatt and Portawattz

  • Voltage measurement issues (AC output)

  • Do I need to install my inverter near my batteries?

  • Can I install my inverter/charger in a gasoline engine compartment?

  • What type of environmental conditions must I consider when installing an inverter/charger?

Batteries and Chargers

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  • Need a replacement AC charger cord for a Powerpack?

  • What type of batteries should I use in my Inverter/Charger installation?

  • Battery technology and maintenance overview

  • How many batteries do I need?

  • Why do my batteries go dead when I use the inverter/charger in invert mode?

  • Battery type comparison chart

  • What is Three-Stage Charging?

Backup Power Systems

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  • What appliances do most people power during an outage?

  • What appliances can a Xantrex system run?

  • How long can the batteries run the system?

  • How is the system recharged?

  • What kind of batteries do the systems include?

  • Why should I choose a Xantrex system over a generator-only system?

  • How fast will my system respond to a power outage?

  • How do I install my Xantrex system?

  • Where will my system be installed?

  • How do I decide which system is right for me?