Work Vehicles

Utility and construction workers brave the harshest elements and dangers to get their job done. They need an environment that’s convenient and safe. They also need power.

Whether it’s a heavy duty inverter/charger to power high demand tools like drills, saws, or heating equipment from an auxiliary battery, or a small light-weight inverter to charge cell phones, laptops or cordless tools. Xantrex has them covered.

When time is money, any equipment on these trucks needs to work…period. Down time is expensive. These inverters need to work the first time…every time.

With the most complete lineup of any major inverter, charger, or combination inverter/charger manufacturers, Xantrex has the right model for any utility or construction vehicle’s needs.

With our strict quality control and HALT testing, Xantrex products have the reliability the utility and construction markets not only need, but demand.

So finish your coffee and strap on your tool belt. You’ve got work to do, and Xantrex will be there to make sure it gets done.

Xantrex products provide in-vehicle AC power to work & utility vehicles to operate tools, appliances, lights and other electronic equipment wherever they are needed.

Xantrex inverters take stored battery power and silently convert it to AC power eliminating the need of installing and maintaining noisy generators as a mobile AC power source. 

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