The FREEDOM eGEN MAX is a revolutionary lithium iron powered technology that integrates with an RV’s engine and electrical system to provide automatic climate control. The FREEDOM eGEN MAX provides AC & DC power to run everything from air conditioners to hotel loads in all climate conditions. At the heart of this technology is a powerful lithium iron battery that is constantly replenished via multiple sources such as shore power, solar and factory engine alternator. It is recommended to add a high output auxiliary alternator to the system to achieve faster recharge times.

The battery pack with built-in BMS (Battery Management System), voltage regulator and heating pad enables optimal performance in all temperatures. The proprietary DC pump and air compressor deliver heating and air conditioning through front factory vents and roof top. The seamless behind-the-scene operation of this system converts an RV into a hybrid vehicle by automatically turning engine on to charge depleted batteries and turning engine off when batteries are fully charged.

The FREEDOM eGEN MAX may be easily configured to support 12Vdc, 24Vdc and 48Vdc systems. The 48Vdc configuration enables clean and easy installation utilizing lighter gauge cables and components, desirable for larger class A motorhomes. A properly sized FREEDOM eGEN MAX system may eliminate a generator altogether or reduce the generator to a mere backup emergency power option.

The most compelling benefit is the quiet times and the freedom and confidence it offers to RVers so they may enjoy journeys and adventures on their terms and experience a perfect off-grid lifestyle.

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The FREEDOM eGEN Max power system is the result of intense research, impeccable design, meticulous engineering, rigorous testing and most importantly the passion to create the best and safest system that features:

  • Greenest power solution in the market
  • Turns an RV into a hybrid vehicle
  • Automatic climate control
  • Designed for occupant safety and convenience
  • Intelligent tracking anytime, anywhere
  • Fully recharges batteries in < 2hours (It may be possible to fully recharge a depleted 48Vdc 300 Ahr battery in less than 2 hours)