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Commuters are a special breed. We brave the snow, rain, or heat waiting for the bus to take us to our destination on their schedule, not ours. But we do it for a greater cause. Whether it’s to avoid traffic, save the planet, or just let someone else do the driving, we give up some comforts to commute to the city, or across the country. However, it always brings that special joy if the bus we’re on allows some of the conveniences we’re accustomed to.

Transit Authority, private coach, or commercial busses carry people, people need power…it’s a fact. There’s no feeling like finding an available seat and looking down to find that power outlet looking back at you, offering its electricity to charge your cell phone, laptop, or media player. It’s like visiting home and having your mom bring you a warm meal - without the food, and your mom, of course.

Bus fleets know what commuters want – reliable, clean, AC power that needs to work in harsh, constant use environments and is compatible with all of their devices. This is why they choose Xantrex inverters. For their customers, anything else is simply not good enough.

Xantrex inverters and combination inverter/chargers are well known for safe, clean, reliable AC power by those who know busses and how they are used.

With our strict quality control, HALT testing, and first-class engineering, Xantrex products offer the best products for the Coach, Commuter, and Commercial bus markets.

Hop on, take a seat, enjoy your to-go breakfast, and plug in. You don’t know this, but your boss has just scheduled a last minute meeting, and you’re the star.

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