Don Wilson
Don Wilson,
Tech Doctor


Last year, Xantrex™ launched an exciting new program to assist our friends in the media with editorial related to our area of expertise. The "Tech Doctor" is an editorial service of Xantrex that features our Sales Application Specialist Don Wilson in a compelling Q & A interview format. The series was originally launched in the marine market, and most recently was expanded to encompass our commercial and RV markets as well.

To date, Don has tackled a variety of relevant power topics that have been well received in the marketplace. He addresses many of the most frequently asked technical questions, with a simple, direct and easy to understand response.

You are welcome to browse our Tech Doctor archives to find the latest editorial on topics of interest! Visit www.xantrex.com for your reading pleasure and education!

BIG NEWS! We are seeking CONTENT ideas for future columns and invite YOUR PARTICIPATION! Simply email your ideas of tech columns that you are interested in learning about! We are running this promotion jointly with our friends in the media. Your idea could win you the following prizes:

Applying is easy. Simply email your content recommendation to our Marketing Manager Mitul Chandrani at Mitul.Chandrani@xantrex.com. Winners will be announced in our next edition!


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